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Click Here for the most frequently asked questions about Visa Claims Resolution (VCR)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Question: I love Signature’s Agent Resource Center, but I don’t think I’m utilizing its full potential. How can I learn more about it? Is training available?

A: Your Welcome Kit provides a simple tutorial on how to use the portal. We will also be contacting you shortly to welcome you, and if you need additional training, we’d be happy to arrange that.


Q: Where can I find my Sales Agent Number?

A: Your Sales Agent Number is located in the Agent Welcome Letter at the beginning of your Welcome Kit.


Q: Where can I find my password?

A: Your password is located in the Agent Welcome Letter at the beginning of your Welcome Kit. You can also retrieve it from the Agent Resource Center.


Q: Can Signature help me with rate analysis/quote?

A: Yes, we can! We provide complimentary rate analyses. Simply contact us at to arrange a review.


Q: Is it possible for me to give another employee restricted access to my agent portal?

A: Yes, we can set your employees up with their own login credentials, with restricted access, to your portal. They will be able to view/respond to submissions and accounts, but no access will be granted to information regarding residuals or your own personal information.


Q: Where can I track my submissions and monitor my merchant accounts?

A: You can access this information on our agent resource center at


Compensation Program, Residuals & Billing

Q: Who do I talk to if I have questions about my compensation program?

A: You can contact Aaron Slominski, our SVP of Sales, regarding your agent compensation. He can be reached at 888.334.2284 X243.


Q: If I have a residual-related question, who do I talk to?

A: You can contact our agent support team at to get all your residual questions answered and concerns addressed.


Q: Why did I receive a negative charge on the account I just opened?

A: Merchants boarded on, or after, the 20th of the month are provided a courtesy fee waiver as the merchant account was recently approved. Signature Card Services is billed monthly fees that agents share according to their Schedule A.


Q: Why did I receive a negative charge on the account I just closed?

A: Signature Card Services is charged a statement and IRS fee for the following month after the closure of a merchant account. Agents pay the corresponding percentage per their Schedule A.


Application Submission / Underwriting

Q: I have a potential merchant, but I am not sure if Signature can place him/her. What should I do?

A: You can contact our underwriting department with any placement-related questions by emailing them at . They will advise you on whether or not your merchant can be placed with us.


Q: Can I set a merchant up with an e-commerce merchant account if the website is not ready yet?

A: Yes. We will need to review the website. If the website is not live, however, the merchant can provide a backdoor for our review. The account can be approved with their funds on hold, while the site is being finalized.


Q: What kind of account qualifies for a one-hour approval program?

A: Retail location under $200,000 monthly volume with immediate fulfillment of product & average ticket under $1,000. Principal credit should reflect no bankruptcies or liens


Q: Which application should I use?

A: If you are submitting your application to Merrick Bank and would like to use the TSYS back-end, use the Merrick Bank/TSYS application. If you would like to place a merchant at Merrick Bank on the First Data back-end, use the Merrick Bank FDR application. Note that the Merrick/FDR application has two versions- a Retail/Restaurant Quick Application and a Standard Application. You can use the Quick Application if there is only one principal. If you would like to submit your application to Westamerica Bank, use either the Westamerica Retail/Restaurant Quick Application (if there’s one principal) or the Standard applications.


Q: When can I use an additional location form?

A: If the merchant is applying for a second location with no change in rates, fees, legal name, principle, or EIN, you can use the additional location form.


Q: Do you have a prohibited list?

A: Yes. The list is as follows:

Prohibited Merchants:

  • Collection agencies
  • Card not present prescriptions
  • Medical marijuana
  • Card not present tobacco
  • Tobacco pipes – drug paraphernalia
  • Online gambling
  • Credit counseling, repair, debt reduction, products/service/information
  • Loan modifications
  • Payday loans
  • eWallets
  • Tax relief/reduction – card not present
  • Timeshare merchants
  • Business opportunities – make money working from home, easy money etc.
  • Online tech support
  • Brain enhancement supplements – unless there are clinical studies to support the actual product.

Restricted Merchants:

  • Online nutra (weight loss supplements etc) offering negative option billing – these must have acceptable processing history
  • Travel clubs/agents – these must have good history and typically require reserves.
  • E-cigarettes – only with Westamerica, and will require a reserve

Q: How many hold days will be placed on the account?

A: This will depend on the business type. Established retail locations can be approved with a zero-day hold, while higher risk, card-not-present merchants may be 2-3 days. This decision is made during the underwriting process.


Q: Can you accept applications for e-cigarettes?

A: Yes, you can submit your application to Westamerica Bank. Please contact for specific requirements.


Terminals / Deployment

Q: Which platforms does Signature work with?

A: Signature works with the following front-end platforms:

  • FDR Omaha
  • FDR Omaha North
  • FDR Nashville
  • TSYS Sierra
  • TSYS Summit
  • Buypass

We also work with the following back-end platforms:

  • FDR
  • TSYS

Q: What Gateways do you work with?

A: Signature Card Services is a reseller of:

  • EPN
  • NMI
  • We also support any gateway that is connected to our authorization vendors.

Q: What terminals do you support?

A: Ingenico, PAX, Verifone, and FD


Q: How do I obtain a VAR Sheet?

A: A VAR sheet is provided with every new file build.


Q: How do my merchants order more paper?

A: They can order paper from our online store at


Q: How do I obtain a Datawire ID?

A: Please email your request to


Risk & Compliance

Q: My merchant got a retrieval request. What can I do to help?

A: Any risk-related issues like chargebacks, retrievals, holds, reserve release, etc. are handled by our Risk Department. You can always contact them at to see if you can assist in any way.


Q: My merchant is requesting an AMV increase? What’s the procedure?

A: The increase form is located in the form library located at Have your merchant fill out the form, sign it and email it to us at for processing.


Q: When are reserves released?

A: Reserves are released between the 20th and 25th of each month.


Q: My merchant wants to process a large transaction. Can they do it?

A: Yes, but please be sure to provide the following supporting documentation:

  • Cardholder name, address, and telephone number
  • Description of products/services that have been rendered
  • Tracking information

Contact Risk with questions and to advise us of any large transactions.


Q: Can my merchant issue a refund on a chargeback?

A: We advise our merchants not to issue credit once a chargeback has been filed.


Q: What is the $25 fee on my bank statement?

A: The $25 fee is billed for all ACH Rejects.


Q: What is the $15 fee on my bank statement?

A: The $15 is a fee that is billed to process a DDA (demand depository account number) change.


PCI Compliance

Q: When are PCI fees billed?

A: The quarterly fee is billed every three months, towards the middle of the month. Non-compliance fees are billed at the end of each month.


Q: When are accounts boarded onto Control Scan?

A: New accounts are boarded onto Control Scan on the 1st day of the month following approval.