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Getting Your Applications Approved

We understand that it is critical for you to get your applications approved promptly. Knowing our requirements will help you expedite the process. For fast and easy application processing, the best way to apply is through our convenient online application portal, Sigagents Application System. It allows you to create, send, sign, submit, and track merchant applications online. It is important to mention that applications submitted through Sigagents take priority over those submitted via email or fax, and, in turn, are processed and approved at a significantly faster pace.

There are several additional benefits to using Sigagents. Everything that you need to submit an application - from start to finish - is located in one place. You can create new applications, send custom messages to your merchants, email applications for e-signature, submit, track the progress, and upload all supporting documents.

If you feel that you need personal training to fully get to know everything Sigagents has to offer, we will happily arrange it for you.

We are always looking to improve Sigagents, so if you have a suggestion, please feel free to send us an email at

If you would prefer to go the traditional route, please submit your application via fax (866-839-0001) or email, but remember that using Sigagents will get your application approved faster.

For Merrick Bank
Merchant Application/FDR
Additional Location
MO/TO Questionnaire
Doc Requirements

For Westamerica Bank Merchant Application
Additional Location
MO/TO Addendrum
MO/TO Questionnaire
Doc Requirements

Terminal Download Setup Request
Prohibited Merchants List